Jan 9, 2011

Guest Blogger Libbi H. from The Funner Life!

Hi everyone! Libbi H. here! I am here to share a quick and easy recipe with you :)

Super-Quick Cinnamon Baked Apples
All you need is :
1 Apple
A bowl
 Please wash the apple. Unless you are Johnny Appleseed...
 Start peeling the apple..
 Continue peeling the apple...
Finish peeling the apple
 Cut up the apple however you want. I  prefer little disks, but my mom like a ton of little pieces...
 Microwave for 3:00.  3 minutes....
 when they come out they'll be hot, so use a potholder, or, a sleeve. Sprinkle as much {or as little} cinnamon as you like.

 Stir it all up...
 Voila! You have your super-easy baked apples!

Hope you enjoy it!
P.S. Check out my blog, The Funner Life :)

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